Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Herman Miller Rocker

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Kenny said...

Expecting? Got your attention? No not a baby, I did not know what I wasexpecting. Lyla, an artist, Why not. Kenny a marathon runner, why
not. Do we do it for our enjoyment or for the adulation? only you and
I know the answer to that. Either way I guess really I expected
nothing less. I was amazed, stunned, flabbergasted, moved, proud, and
many other emotions that I cant spell. Andy Warhol (did I spell that
right) is somewhere in your blood. Jenny would have said "oh God, now
Lyla's an artist" and the truth is, I wish she were here to see it
because she would have been impressed, as am I. I really think they are great !!!!! I hope to talk to you real soon, lunch, dinner, movie,play or something, I promise.