Tuesday, August 15, 2006



Kenny said...

Got your attention? No not a baby, I did not know what I was
expecting. Lyla, an artist, Why not. Kenny a marathon runner, why
not. Do we do it for our enjoyment or for the adulation? only you and
I know the answer to that. Either way I guess really I expected
nothing less. I was amazed, stunned, flabbergasted, moved, proud, and
many other emotions that I cant spell. Andy Warhol (did I spell that
right) is somewhere in your blood. Jenny would have said "oh God, now
Lyla's an artist" and the truth is, I wish she were here to see it
because she would have been impressed, as am I. I really think They are
great !!!!! I hope to talk to you real soon, lunch, dinner, movie,
play or something, I promise.


shannon said...

I like this painting, as the artist becomes art in the photograph! Both are lovely!

Star said...

dear lyla.... i've gone over and over your paintings and the captions i am trying to think of a word other than awesome to describe what i think and feel...at this time i'm still speachless....each and every painting has a unique and special quality...you're creativity is "mindblowing" however as long as i've known you, you have always "stepped out of the box" to do you thing...from vending machines to e-bay (back then i thought you were a twin to bill gates) i had no clue what you were talking about, it was just the passion you had about it always impressed me.....i noticed that several were SOLD .....GOOD JOB! and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Can we still talk when you are a multi millionare??? i can be your gofer!!!! you are one of a kind....a very special gal that is always out of the box talk to you soon thank you so much for the exibit. i will save it to my "important things" folder talk to you soon.